The Supersonic Team @ DMEXCO!

DMEXCO ( Digital Marketing Expo and Conference ) is the leading global digital marketing conference and attracts 830 exhibitors, 500+ speakers and over 43,000 visitors who converge in Cologne for 2 days of intense networking. This year the show saw a big rise in attendance cementing it as the premier Digital Marketing event in Europe, if not the world. The main theme was “Bridging Worlds” as a backdrop for all conference activities, the big topics included ad blockers (one was even exhibiting at the show with no trace of irony!), digital transformations and customer experiences. Rob Norman Chief Digital Officer of Group M gave a keynote called ‘ Rise of the App Ecosystem’ arguing that this is now the key digital format and that mass consolidation in the market is already happening. Consolidation and data were big talking points as well as TV audiences migrating to purely digital platforms. domain server . Interestingly DMEXCO is fast evolving into a serious tech conference where the big players and innovators showcase new products and technology; pushing it beyond it’s original digital marketing origins. The number of C-Suite execs from Europe and US on both agency and media owner side is huge. This is really the place to learn but also get things done.

Supersonic is now a regular presence at the show and over the years we have increased our profile and migrated into Hall 7. We now rub shoulders with Facebook, Google, Group M, Omnicom and other industry giants which ensures we are easier to find and further raises our brand. Even the rain sodden weather couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the 17 strong Supersonic team! We arrived focused, excited and engaged, dmexco had great energy! With the Supersonic – IronSource merger news hot off the press we were able to finally share the good news with the industry best. Our happy hour was very well attended, a “pre pre-party” to an evening of exciting industry events. Two days and countless meetings later i can safely say DMEXCO was a success for the Supersonic team. 


In closing, if I had to provide one piece of advice for future DMEXCO go-ers is this…pre-arranged taxis are the way to go! Trying to get a cab in the rain with 30,000 others proves to be challenging! Or perhaps we can turn it into a networking occasion?! The possibilities are endless!

See you next year DMEXCO!