Amazon developers can now monetize with Supersonic

  We are proud to announce our partnership with Amazon! This enables developers to now monetize and marketsteps, immediately allowing access to high quality video, HD interstitial and offerwall ad formats.   The Supersonic mediation platform dynamically sources content from top ad networks, creating a customized marketplace in which networks compete. Developers armed with real-time analytics and performance reporting via our intuitive dashboard can make smarter and more effective decisions in managing demand. The dashboard provides unprecedented control, among other targeting, ad placements and black/white listing functions, ensuring developers see high user engagement and ad revenues across all their app titles.   Ankur Prasad, Head of Partnerships, Developer Marketing at Amazon, said “Since the introduction of in-app purchases, monetizing non-paying users has been a challenge. The advent of rewarded video is steadily changing this while preserving, and in many cases boosting, the user’s experience. Supersonic is a pioneer in rewarded video and is proving the formats utility among top indie developers.”   We are beyond excited to work with a premium app distributor and developer platform like Amazon. The Amazon community is filled with passionate, inspired developers known for creating innovative and creative content. Our mission is to provide them the tools they need to succeed on both sides of the mobile table. From acquiring quality users to boosting ad revenues, Supersonic offers a complete mobile solution that allows developers to focus on what they do best: make great apps.   “Supersonic support for Amazon is big news for us. As Amazon users make up a significant percentage of our overall base, we are excited to apply Supersonic’s rewarded video mediation technology to monetize this meaningful channel.” said Matt Hall, Co-Founder of Hipster Whale.   For those just getting started or looking to become a Supersonic developer, explore our SDK documentation and follow the guidelines. Getting live just takes minutes! If you have additional questions or would like to reach out to us directly, email us at and we can assist through the process.   Supersonic now supports all major mobile platforms including iOS, Android, and recently Amazon. You can find Amazon’s announcement on their developer blog here.

Tulips from Amsterdam: Supersonic ‘Summer’ Funday

In grand Supersonic tradition, the London team enjoyed their Summer Funday on a September weekend! You might think September is2014 summer trip had been an altogether exhausting affair, extreme team bonding you might call it. We climbed into harnesses and struck Tarzan-like poses and flung ourselves from tree to tree and hurtled down zip-lines at Go Ape, a large tree-top adventure park in North London. Suitably exhilarated we finished up with a delicious cocktail or three at the Radio Rooftop bar where we took in the glorious sights of our beloved capital.   So what do you do with the team in order to top that? You get them up in the early hours and whisk them to the nearest airport for a quick flight to Amsterdam. We took bets on whose alarm go off and who’d miss the flight but thankfully we all arrived safely in the ‘Dam. Breakfast at a canal café set us up for the day.   Now off for some adventure. We hopped onto our own private boat for a tour around the historic canals and waterways of this famous city. Sun-kissed and grinning we waved enthusiastically at the locals who probably thought we were a little mad. We also misjudged how low some of the bridges were and a couple of us were nearly decapitated! You really appreciate how stunning the architecture and canals are on this boat trip, it was well worth it.   Next was a cheese and wine tasting at the famous Reypenaer cheese museum. We all became experts in one hour thanks to our unintentionally funny guide. Tasting notes included wood, goat, grass, milk, wet socks, cabbage, leather, nuts, shoe polish etc – I genuinely kid you not. But don’t let me put you off – most of the cheeses were still delicious. Best of all was the wine: red, white and Port. This was of course used purely to swill down the copious amounts of cheese. Educated, bloated but happy we staggered out of the museum.   Next stop was a spot of exercise to work off all that cheese. But being Supersonic, we don’t do things in the traditional manner. We took 2 limo bikes (seating 12 each) equipped with Heineken and prosecco taps for added lubrication along the way. One team decided it would be good fun to race and peddled with the enthusiasm of Sir Bradley Wiggins on the Champs Elysee. My team was altogether more laid back. It was only when an old man overtook us easily in a mobility scooter did we realize how painfully slow we were. You certainly get a feel for how safe Amsterdam is for cyclists when you undertake a journey such as this, with cycle routes absolutely everywhere. To try doing this in London would be utter madness.   With most of us exhausted we made our way to our final destination, which was dinner and drinks at a fabulous terrace restaurant with great views of Amsterdam. We toasted the success of the company and the great news about the merger with Ironsource and chatted merrily on into the evening. Some of us returned to London while some chose to stay and do some more partying.   A word of thanks goes to our HR manager Rakefet who planned everything this year with military precision.   Not sure how we’ll top this in 2016 – but I’m sure we’ll think of something!!    

The Supersonic Team @ DMEXCO!

DMEXCO ( Digital Marketing Expo and Conference ) is the leading global digital marketing conference and attracts 830 exhibitors, 500+ speakers andin attendance cementing it as the premier Digital Marketing event in Europe, if not the world. The main theme was “Bridging Worlds” as a backdrop for all conference activities, the big topics included ad blockers (one was even exhibiting at the show with no trace of irony!), digital transformations and customer experiences. Rob Norman Chief Digital Officer of Group M gave a keynote called ‘ Rise of the App Ecosystem’ arguing that this is now the key digital format and that mass consolidation in the market is already happening. Consolidation and data were big talking points as well as TV audiences migrating to purely digital platforms. domain server . Interestingly DMEXCO is fast evolving into a serious tech conference where the big players and innovators showcase new products and technology; pushing it beyond it’s original digital marketing origins. The number of C-Suite execs from Europe and US on both agency and media owner side is huge. This is really the place to learn but also get things done.
  Supersonic is now a regular presence at the show and over the years we have increased our profile and migrated into Hall 7. We now rub shoulders with Facebook, Google, Group M, Omnicom and other industry giants which ensures we are easier to find and further raises our brand. Even the rain sodden weather couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the 17 strong Supersonic team! We arrived focused, excited and engaged, dmexco had great energy! With the Supersonic – IronSource merger news hot off the press we were able to finally share the good news with the industry best. Our happy hour was very well attended, a “pre pre-party” to an evening of exciting industry events. Two days and countless meetings later i can safely say DMEXCO was a success for the Supersonic team.    In closing, if I had to provide one piece of advice for future DMEXCO go-ers is this…pre-arranged taxis are the way to go! Trying to get a cab in the rain with 30,000 others proves to be challenging! Or perhaps we can turn it into a networking occasion?! The possibilities are endless!   See you next year DMEXCO! 

Supersonic and ironSource Join Forces

  In 2009, a few visionaries came together in a basement with a mission: empowering developers and advertisersworld.
Today marks an historic change in the Supersonic saga. We are joining forces with ironSource, a world leader in app discovery, to extend our goals and achieve what is now the largest independent mobile advertising platform. The merger signifies a strong synergy between both companies as well as a mutual desire to provide cutting-edge solution to the mobile industry’s largest problems.   “There are many inconsistencies in the mobile industry that we are poised to solve with this merger. Issues such as cross screen tracking, mobile targeting and reporting. Together, our companies will become the go-to platform for mobile developers and advertisers,” said Tomer Bar Zeev, CEO of ironSource. “We believe that combining Supersonic’s strengths with ironSource’s data, scale and technology will position us to be the market leader in providing mobile analytics, distribution and monetization solutions. With Supersonic, we are significantly adding to our reach to make us one of the largest players in the industry.”   Teaming with ironSource will enable a world-class product suite for developers and advertisers. Together, we provide the most complete solution for our clients’ mobile monetization and marketing needs. The platform will accomplish immense scale, leveraging over 7 daily million installs through a network of 1B monthly active users.   Eric Seufert, VP of UA and Engagement at Rovio, echoes, “The merging of ironSource and Supersonic will surely create one of the most formidable concentrations of talent and technology in the rapidly growing field of mobile advertising. Further, this merger cements Israel’s leading role in mobile and should attract even more investor and developer attention to one of the world’s most dynamic technology ecosystems.”   Supersonic has always prioritized the clients’ best interests and we truly believe this union will only enhance our customer relationships and business. Both companies’ existing partners will work with the same dedicated teams but gain access to a more comprehensive set of solutions. We’re the same, just better!   Gil Shoham, CEO of Supersonic, adds, “While our businesses complement each other perfectly, the real driving force behind this deal was a shared vision. Today, mobile developers and advertisers are forced to work with multiple partners in order to achieve their goals. Our combined product offering will now provide developers the most complete independent platform at scale. By joining forces, we will be able to bring more value to our customers and accelerate the investment in our technology.”   This merger represents a new and exciting chapter in Supersonic history. Join us for the ride!

Mobile Industry Recognizes Supersonic as Mobile UA Leader

Earlier this year, VentureBeat Insights surveyed the industry to map the current state of mobile user acquisition. The annual studycategories and vendors.   The resulting research, titled Mobile User Acquisition: How top publishers get the best users for less money, was published last week. Here’s a quick snapshot:     The relatively fresh focus of investment dollars in User Acquisition is an indication of the channel’s growth. API, Monetization and Analytics vendors still lead in this arena but it is encouraging by way of investment attention that UA vendors are playing a more integral part in the ecosystem. This is attributed to the rise of paid UA and its growing necessity for app discovery and organic uplift.  In fact, eMarketer expects app install ads to increase 80% this year, making up over 10% of total mobile ad spend — roughly a $3bn market.     Beyond social giants like Twitter and Facebook, user acquisition companies and ad networks remain the top sources for obtaining quality mobile users. It comes as no surprise that mobile-specific UA providers are favored by mobile-first publishers, where conventional publishers seem to prefer more traditional methods.     When asked what campaigns were most effective for obtaining quality users, app developers consistently selected Social and Video ads; markedly surpassing ASO, interstitials, and e-mail by a significant margin.   The video ad format is a favorite among performance advertisers for many reasons. It provides an immersive experience and portrays the app in a far more captivating way than traditional banners or native ads, vetting only the highest quality of installs. As developers discover more novel ways to deliver this creative ad format, the entire video ad experience is slowly but surely becoming non-intrusive altogether.       On the same note, developers exploring video as a channel for UA, accredit advanced targeting, quick loading, and interactivity as the most valuable factors in a UA campaign. All of these features are included in the Supersonic video product. Moreover, when asked which video methods or formats were most desirable, rewarded and user initiated video ads came out on top. This is primarily due to the format’s inherent non-invasiveness that lends to its high engagement and quality user output.     Acquiring the right audience for your app is a lengthy process and a complex one at that, so it is important that you choose the right ad partner- one who can configure optimal campaign settings from the start. A survey respondent adds, “the most effective UA channels for us were those where we actually received proactive consulting in how to properly spend the money… not just trying to sell us campaigns. This is also the reason why I ranked Supersonic highest as I’m not only buying traffic but actually receiving strategic help in campaign planning.”   Supersonic ranked 6th out of 42 ad networks for effective cost for quality users, establishing Supersonic within the top 15% of UA channels in the industry. It’s evident that mobile UA goes beyond just running a campaign. Developers need a robust user acquisition strategy that can adapt to different users, categories, and geographies – a level of expertise and support that Supersonic is proud to consistently provide. Dock Kim, VP of Advertising Sales and User Acquisition concludes, “Mobile user acquisition is becoming increasingly challenging to find quality traffic sources. Developers and brands should choose partners that will help define and meet their KPIs. At Supersonic by leveraging our technology and expertise we have the ability to optimize campaigns from creatives down to the downstream events. Ultimately we help our clients obtain users that matter. We are excited to be recognized as a leader in Mobile UA by the ecosystem as it is a testament to the satisfaction amongst clients and our continuous growth.”

A Big Warm Welcome to Big Fish Games

We are very excited to announce that Big Fish Games’ Skyrocket Studios has selected Supersonic as itsinto Skyrocket’s Fairway Solitaire franchise, a leading free-2-play solitaire game, with intentions of extending Supersonic’s ad products to other Big Fish titles over time. The decision shows additional investment by Big Fish into its robust ad monetization strategy.   After working with ad networks directly, it became clear to Big Fish that ad mediation was necessary to reach the full potential of this meaningful revenue stream.  After an extensive study of the ad tech market, Big Fish chose Supersonic based on their track record, proprietary technology and industry reputation. The two companies officially announced the partnership this weekend at PAX during the Dungeon Boss launch party at Frol!k Kitchen in downtown Seattle.     Publishers are increasingly pursuing rewards-based advertising products due to their ability to generate incremental revenue streams using existing IAP mechanics. By thoughtfully implementing rewards-based video ads as features in its games, game publishers like Big Fish can effectively monetize their “non-paying” audience, resulting in augmented engagement rates.   Supersonic’s Rewarded Video Ad unit and Mediation platform are enabled and managed through a centralized SDK and dashboard. Developers benefit from Supersonic’s ‘Ad Placement’ technology which provides granular data about how their users react to ads. Furthermore, the platform uses “Smart Loading” technology for stability in ad delivery and to ensure an excellent user experience.   Gil Shoham, CEO of Supersonic adds, “User behavior and interaction in mobile games are changing, particularly around advertising. Big Fish recognizes this shift. We look forward to providing them with the necessary tools to keep their users happy and active while carrying out this new strategy.”

Headline Supersonic Funday

Supersonic’s Funday

Supersonic San Francisco HQ celebrated their funday in early August in the most thrilling way possible! The Supersonic teamrode the giant dipper, swung from ‘The Fireball’ and scared ourselves in ‘The Fright Walk’. We broke up into teams to compete in carnival games where winning became the theme of the hour. We had a bbq lunch on the beach deck and an awesome cabana set up which housed massages, beach volleyball, games and an epic water balloon fight. To put it short, we had it all. After all the fun in the sun, we were treated to a private restaurant decked with entertainment to match the day. There were twinkling lights on the patio, customized supersonic cocktails, a delicious dinner, DJ spinning the best jams and a karaoke set up to sing to our hearts content. sub domains I cannot say much about what happened during this part of the night as we are all sworn to secrecy, but what I can say is that we went from fun co-workers to great friends. There was certainly no shortage of fun in this funday and words cannot begin to describe the experience. The whole day was designed to show us how much the executive team care and appreciate us. For me that is AWESOME.   Here are some quotes from the day: “Funday was just that, FUN. I loved the dance party” -Katie Gold, account manager “The best funday ever” – Gil Shoham, CEO “The best funday i have ever experienced at a company” -Dock Kim, VP of Ad Sales “The rides to the games, everything was insanely fun” -Terry Koh, PR Manager   The only way I could end this blog post is with this, we work hard but we play harder.  

Announcing Ad Placement Technology for Rewarded Video

We are proud to announce the launch of Ad Placement Technology, the industry’s most robust tool for rewarded videoease, as well as the ability to determine exactly where and how rewarded video units are displayed without having to hack your own solution.   The technology is now live with Supersonic Video Mediation SDK and available to all integrated publishers.   “We’re seeing heavy adoption around rewarded video in the ecosystem. This ad format has become a favorite among top-tier publishers like Electronic Arts, Kongregate, GREE, Pocketgems, and Zynga as well indie publishers as a significant revenue source,” said Gil Shoham, CEO and Cofounder, Supersonic. “Advertiser adoption is also clearly in tune as we see conversion rates topping over 90% on average.”
The revenue implications for rewarded video are astounding. It provides developers a unique value exchange that have users and advertisers wanting more. Ad Placement technology will drastically reduce barriers to integrating this format, opening up much more rewarded video inventory.   Scott Lahman, Founder and CEO of Nextplus added, “the success of communication apps like Nextplus typically include In-App-Purchases (IAP). In some cases however, users don’t have the means to make these credit purchases. Since integrating Supersonic’s video SDK and rewarding users for video views, we have seen great traction in getting users to explore premium features within Nextplus.  It’s enabled an alternative revenue stream and increased user engagement with no monetary commitment. It’s a great icebreaker for future power users.”   View coverage of this announcement on leading industry websites: Adexchanger MobyAffiliates Mobile Advertising Watch Adotas PRLOG  

Chupamobile and Supersonic are joining forces

We are happy to announce our new partnership with Chupamobile. We are making it even easier toyour app! Who are Chupamobile? Chupamobile is the leading App and Game Templates Marketplace where anyone, even with small or no coding experience, has the opportunity to buy professional Apps and Games, ready to be customized and distributed on the iTunes store, Google Play, Amazon, and all other Android Stores. The mobile apps are created by a network of App Developers who consistently release new “App and Game Templates” specifically designed to be re-skinned, customized, localized or modified before distribution in the App Stores. Developers make money licensing their apps on a nonexclusive basis. This allows publishers to acquire apps at a fraction of the cost compared in-house development costs or contracting outside firms. Chupamobile also offers customization services to customers who don’t have design or development skills or simply want to focus on marketing the titles. Publishers can find the next big hit or quickly enhance their existing catalogs cost effectively. Others may wish to make purchases to integrate apps and games in their clients’ mobile development projects. Either way, Chupamobile is the solution to help you achieve your goals. What does this partnership mean for me? You can now easily create applications on Chupamobile’s platform and utilize Supersonic’s monetization and promotion tools to distribute and monetize your application. A special offer from Chupamobile to get started! Chupamobile now offers an exclusive opportunity to Supersonic developers – join Chupamobile and get $20 to spend on the marketplace! You can choose between 2,000+ App and Game Templates ready to be customized and distributed on the App Stores! Use the promo code SPNC15CHMB to redeem your coupon How to use your coupon: Signup for free to  Chupamobile. Redeem this coupon by entering the code from your Chupamobile dashboard Go to the page of the product you want to purchase. Complete the transaction using your prepaid credits Supersonic and Chupamobile are making it easier than ever to; build, distribute and monetize your applications by joining forces and increasing the mobile monetization empire.

James Salins on Mobile Video Ads Must Go Short And Get Out: Supersonic’s Salins

Watch the Interview Here COLOGNE — TV ads may need to be re-cut in half before they are simply shovelledspot as a pre-roll or a CPV video in mobile is dying,” says app advertising group Supersonic’s European MD James Salins. “What we need … is to educate both media agencies and creative agencies about the virtues of mobile video – which tends to be 10 or 15 seconds. You entertain, inform – and get out.” Supersonic is currently building out its Beijing office after taking a $15m investment in July to expand in Asia-Pacific. Next up are Japan and India, Salins says. This video is part of series of videos covering DMEXCO.  Please find all of our interviews from the show right here.  Beet.TV’s coverage of DMEXCO is sponsored by Videology. ip info .