Supersonic’s Demo Days Accelerated at GDC 2015!

Spread across four jam-packed days of gaming and technology (industries that go together like peanut butter and jelly), the Supersonic team conquered this year’s Game Developers Conference in tasty style.

Over 26,000 attendees from all corners of the world poured into 700,000+ sq feet of conference floor to experience first-hand the exciting future of gaming. GDC first-timers stood out glaringly with eyes gleaming in awe and attentions fully immersed in virtual-reality-like fashion.
The conference is a great representation of the industry’s progress. As countless players jump in to grab a slice of the growing pie, gaming continues to diversify itself into relevance across multiple markets. It’s a refreshing reminder that passionate communities and individuals like us can absolutely influence the future of gaming.

The Demo Days Accelerated at GDC was a huge success for our developer community. It was an interactive way to give back to some of the most exciting game publishers in the space. Companies like Creative Mobile, AT Games, Nemesys Games, Game Masons, Reliance Games, uCool, Idle Games, and many more showcased their top mobile titles for conference attendees to play and engage.

If you’re interested in demoing your mobile game with Supersonic at next years GDC, feel free to get in touch with

Here is a photo recap of all the smiles, laughter, and tears that made up one awesome experience:


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